Friday, October 19, 2007

errrrgghhhh urgggggghhhhh throatttttt hurrrrttttssss cough*cough*
must be the stupid caipeng and wedges right hor jing??????? :(
yesterday was crap, out of the blue msn crashed on me :( really such a bad thing to happen
and oh yes :D i spent close to half an hour or more drawing a tajmahal
taj mahal is <3 :D
ning loves thing felt pens :D
I really don't feel like eating anymore :D
and im overusing this smiley face :D
okays okays, Mak's birthday celebration i can'r wait i love her so so so so so so so so very much!
other than being such a great coach, turning up for every single training and training us without pay.
Teaching me the tactics of becoming a good goalkeeper, always supporting and encouraging us
and OH YA she makes such nice lime juice too

and my life has been rather interesting lately :)
and shool as i said is getting busy,thank god i stayed back late last night to do some work.
egads sometimes i keep things to myself
its nothing wrong i think
its reassuring to me :)

and butt's in love :D
and she has found the girl who she treats her right :)
so new girl do make my butt a happy girl ( and try to keep this going long long so i dont have to marry her)
thank you tthank you :D


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