Monday, January 25, 2010

Ten things to be remembered & to be thankful for.

1-Sitting in a lawn chair, drinking a cold cup of vietnamese coffee, looking at a whole blanket of stars in the sky with fireflies hovering around.

2-Rooftop bar in Berlin, ice cold beer. dressed in an over sized sleep shirt and flip flops, overlooking the city. With car horns far away.

3-First chappati I ate made by ahma, right after touching down in Chennai.

4-First kiss on the roof, complete with beer , a movie, clear skies and plenty of stars

5-Walking around Sheffield with Shu Shu. With 4 degree weather, and grocery shopping in sainsbury and talks about meow meow.

6-Alton towers, complete with mega roller coasters, and the feeling we get dropping 5 stories.

7-Christmas eve. With broken english, a big candle lit lamp. smoking in the room. Expensive bottle of red wine. Waking up to the perfect christmas present.

8-Long river cruise along the mekong river, complete with unruly hair, heavy backpacks, sun shades and 4 cans of ice cold 333 beer. With 2 awesome friends, watching the sun go down in the horizon.

9-Coming back home early to surprise a loved one, planning the surprise 2 weeks in advance enduring 5 hours of coach, and 14 hours of flight time. With 10 hours of waiting in total. Seeing her reaction. Totally effing worth it.

10-Days where meow meow was the only reason i enjoyed staying at home.

well there are of course plenty of other things worth remembering.
but ill only come up with 10.


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