Tuesday, December 02, 2008

first night back
6 30 touch down
glad i managed to say goodbye see you soon i'll miss you
as my flight comes in and yours going
At ease the whole journey without a single horn
Yes i have somehow had the ability to revert to irregular meals
guess who is back painting
I can't take my eyes of you
I miss Chapatis by Ahmaaaa
both Ahmaaas in fact
Oh im painting a garden gnome
its funny how the whole of india is in woohoo
pillion with no helmet throughout the streets of chennai
is very scary
Stop turning your back on me
My measuring cup is now my paintbrush holder
Kisses pentelss
I think i secretly have long hair and panasonic make me look like i have brown highlights
Can't wait to see you
hello J and S im missing you 2 nuts


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