Sunday, November 09, 2008

maybe its because i have never approached the matter
or I just find it easy to write it off just by ignoring it
It's been long 
and i don't see it coming to an end anytime soon either
maybe im just convincing myself its alright
or perhaps
not trying hard enough

its not even a maybe
i know im not even putting in an effort

and the only person im blaming is myself
and asking why in the world don't you want to just move out of this situation
truth is 
there's a part of me not willing to just walk away
for some reason or another
I hate it when i assume everything is alright
and everybody thinks im just doing perfectly fine
thing is with so many people breaking down beside me
I know i cannot

okay whatever
Im still not heading anywhere 
sometimes i wish 
you could tell me to leave
cruel as it is , it might just help
if that really happens i can already forsee me being a big mess

and the best thing of all 
i have never ever told you how i feel


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