Friday, August 08, 2008

many much plenty  illustrations to finish by the night zzzz
and hopefully i do get to clear it once and for all 
and get paid

and i cant believe im waking up at 6 and going to school an hour early to sleep just to make sure i dont oversleep at home
my god very bad

dinner was way way tooooo good with miss lye and the mates (:
oh how i heart them so
yesterday was spent in town walking and splurging on 16 dollar grapes
bec and ross
and a rainy night
and feeeling oh so tired out 
i can so feel the work load shifting up a notch
ok time to get serious

and yes
oh how the weather change
theres no hiding, we are both 2 different individuals now
and what we used to have is laying dormant somewhere
where? seriously i wouldnt know
and how are we getting that back?
i wouldnt know too
guess its 8 months gone
how the 8 killed it all 
somewhere along the line
we just gotten used to it


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