Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SURPIRSE LMM! i got the very ratty postcard
erm POSTPAPER, the only thing that i didnt have to squint my eyes to decipher is my name and address cause it did not KENNA the rain
anyways thanks for the love all the way from Europeo , totally made my day
improve ahahah see the more details the better ((:
im not moping THAT much anymore
but your still MIA-ing in the middle of Europe being a tourists and of course taking many building for me ( cough cough) anyways much love for the love on paper
can't wait for euus to bees backs
AND i realised we have yet to eat curry mee after cooking curry for 60 people it kinda strcuk some ( me jing ans sha has to go to eat yummy curry mee at chinatown memory)
ok xoxo tjokeeeng (: <3


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