Friday, March 28, 2008

Guess what
Wonder who woke up at 7 to go to the market.?
so let me tell you a story

walks to the chicken stall
Chicken seller Elaine(E)
Irritating tai tai (Beyotch)
(Conversing in hokkien)

beyotch:How much is chicken feet ?
E:3 dollars a kg
Beyotch:give me 1 kg

(puts chicken feet into a bag)

beyotch:Can help me cut the toenails away or not?
E:Can't, I'm too busy its a weekend
Beyotch:How can you be like this, This is not the way to do your business
E:Can't you see there are alot of people queuing up!
(points to her maid)
E:Don't you have a maid?

I could see elaine was damn pissed with that Faux bun wearing , sunglasses wearing,maid bringing ,fashion disaster AH SOH

so the moral of the story
( Don't buy chicken feet,If not just bring your darn chicken feet home and cut them toenails yourself,how long can they possibly take.)
she sounds as though them chicken feet needed, a foot soak, foot scrub and pedicure.
oh all done with Dead sea salt.

Dead ar
cannot be alive

( Random post i know)
by the way world im locking myself up in my room till March is over so that i don't die 
AYE JING MY AUNT SAYS YOUR A VERY NICE GIRL(i highlight for you somemore leiss)


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