Friday, January 25, 2008

sea sell she shells on the sea shore is coming back on sunday
we is going to have loads of good meals :D
well for tht 3 weeks 
and barbiekew on 2nd feb. I have started to inform people
its a bring your own alchohol party.
ok ok :D cause ning running low on booze hahaha
and to those who have done well for the Os good job
hannah you owe me coffee, and ill buy you a sub :D
for that a2 well done :D
and i was watching hell's kitchen
oh boy HELL it was,
but the working in the kitchen is no easy task, way difficult than what you people think
and to those who think, wanting to be a chef isn't realistic , or thinks cooking is simple.
all I can say is yes you haven't been in a kitchen YET 

oh wells heres to me wanting to run my own restaurant :D
ok bye people im going to my roof garden
lie on my back
and look at the stars
and fall asleep


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