Friday, November 16, 2007

its overrrr semester assesments are over
1-sleeeping once in 3 nights on my bed is so good
2-For once i crashed at 11.30am
3-i didnt sleeep on my eye
4-i woke up without my alarm clock
5-I am so looking forward to many new things to come:D :D :D :D

Out lives has been turned practically upside down by assesments,by how busy and i mean REALLY busy we have all become.I am so glad i stepped up my game plan this term,and I really want to do much better,no more I THINK I SHALL START NEXT WEEK attitude. Seriously i cannot believe its over. It was somewhat real fun, and thanks to my classmates who helped my pull thorugh like Sharon's constant help,Jing who is a very good consultant and REMINDER to stay on track. Adi who RAN Along side me :). Seriously assesments will be somehow impossible wihtout u all (:. ME IS PROMISE TO WORK hard and yes start work much earlier this time round :D.

I have beeen so busy till my sister strted complaining tht i havent been calling her OOOPPPSSS SHOEESS :D
i still havent met zel in such a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. Guess we are just too busy with stuff but at least I know she is weeeee happppiillly in blissfull bunny filled roll in daisies land.

haha and truth is its good nets sleep late too, it keeps me sane talking to her in the middle of a busy night,( she provides wonderful suggestions for your work too) :D :D beezee bee really cannot wait for your papers to bee over :D

i shall go back to sleep more. cause this post is looonger then what i usually post (:


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