Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i walked home from kovan today

i usually take a cab but just felt like taking a night walk i guess
the walk was short but it gave me space and peace to think

with the same song playing over exactly 6 times

i come to derive that, my life is actually very mundane all i thought for the past year was to study and thus i have overlooked so many matters. too much in fact,to the point that doing well and working hard in school is only what i wanted to achieve.but guess right now i do want something more and different in my life. I dont want to wake up every single day watch 5 hours of tv and stay 10 hours in front of the computer. and start complaining about the boredom i went throught the whole day. I want something more, i dont want to be SCHEDULED,SYSTEMATIC,MUNDANE any longer.

i want to change how i live for the better

lets kick it old skool,text book, romance cliche> all i want you to be is happy, even if it doesnt involve me being part of it


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